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Whether you’re completing a brand new build or replacing an outdated unit, Falcon Air Conditioning is the best in the business for your local air conditioning installation. 

Backed by decades of experience, we have become the Mesa’s top choice for both residential and commercial AC installation, AC maintenance, and AC repair! When you hire Falcon Air Conditioning, you can rest assured that our HVAC experts will install air conditioning equipment correctly and efficiently–and it’s all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our cooling repair services include (but aren’t limited to):

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Swamp Coolers



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Benefits of New AC Units

  • Lower Utility Bills—All new units in the United States have been required to meet a minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 15 for the past decade or so, which helps you save on utility bills. Old units typically operate with a SEER of 10, whereas newer units can operate as high as 21!
  • Use Less Energy—More efficient technology also reduces the amount of energy needed to run your AC unit, reducing the carbon emissions your unit contributes to air pollution.
  • Greater Temperature Control—New AC units deliver more consistent temperature control with constant airflow and programmable thermostats. 
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality—AC units are responsible for cleaning and purifying the air in your home. New units often have features like humidity control or purifying filters specifically for air-borne allergens. 
  • Less Noisy—Better technology reduces noise while maintaining the same cool air flow of older units.
  • More System Options—You have many more options for AC systems today than you did 15 years ago, helping you find compact, efficient units for every budget. You can even find some units that use solar energy or geothermal technology.

Signs to Replace Your AC


Typically, AC units in Arizona last 10-14 years. If your unit is approaching a decade or more of use, it’s time to look into getting a new one! Replacing old and outdated units can cut down on costly repairs and provide additional energy efficiencies from new technology that save you money as you keep the relenting Arizona heat at bay.

Unusual Noises 

It’s normal for AC units to make some noise. But if you’re hearing lots of loud banging, squealing, grinding, or scraping, your unit may be significantly damaged. While our technicians can fix some of these AC issues, some damages are beyond repair and require a new AC unit. 

Strange Smells

Air from AC units should smell relatively neutral and clean. Slightly smoky smells indicate that parts of your unit are worn out or grinding against each other when they shouldn’t. Mildewy smells could come from a buildup of fluid or water. 

Water or Fluid Leakage

Condensation is normal on AC units, but it should be minimal. If you see significant pools of water or refrigerant fluid, you’ll want to call a technician immediately to determine the problem’s source. Fixing the leak and replacing expensive refrigerant can run hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which may be better invested in installing a new AC unit.

Significant Changes in Energy Bills

If you’re experiencing sticker shock from your energy bill, chances are that your unit isn’t functioning efficiently and needs to be replaced. This is especially true if your energy consumption habits haven’t changed. However, small variations in your bill are expected as the seasons change and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. 

Frequent or Expensive Repairs

Old and inefficient AC units have the potential to nickel and dime you with repeated or expensive repairs. It’s usually more affordable in the long run to replace units that are giving you recurring trouble. Plus, you may see significant cost savings on your utility bill with new technological efficiencies.

Your AC Uses R-22 Freon

For decades, AC units ran on either Freon (R-22) or Puron (R-22) refrigerants. In 2010, the EPA required manufacturers in the United States to phase out Freon production because it can damage the ozone layer. In 2020, the production and import of Freon in the United States was completely discontinued. Today, there are still some existing supplies of Freon for older AC units, but the supply is extremely limited, can cost over $1,000, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

This is another reason why AC units that are more than a decade old may need to be replaced. If you don’t know what kind of refrigerant your current unit uses, Falcon Air Conditioning can help you figure that out and provide a replacement that uses another type of refrigerant if needed!

Choosing a New AC Unit

If you’re getting ready to replace your AC unit, here are some of the most popular types you’ll want to consider based on your home’s size and needs.

  • Central Air—One of the most popular units on the market, central air pushes cool air through a system of ducts to efficiently cool every room in your home with one central control panel. This is great for large homes. 
  • Ductless Mini-Split—Permanently installed in your home, ductless mini-split systems are units that are connected to an outdoor compressor. Ductless mini-split units are highly efficient, and each room with a cooling unit has its own controls.


Is it worth replacing my air conditioner?

Yes! If your unit is 10 years old or older, investing in a brand new unit could save you up to 20% on your utility bills. Many electric companies also offer rebates for energy-efficient upgrades and even some states will give you tax breaks on your purchase to help make your new AC unit more affordable. 

How much does an air conditioner cost for a 2000-square-foot home?

Recent price increases put a new AC unit plus installation anywhere from $4,900 – $11,300, depending on what type you choose.

Can an AC unit last 30 years?

AC units can last 30 years, but they typically don’t. In Arizona, your AC unit will probably last only 10-14 years. In much cooler areas, AC units may last up to 30 years with proper maintenance. Also, HVAC systems (which combine heating, ventilation, and air conditioning into one) are more likely to last up to 30 years.

How much does a new HVAC system cost?

HVAC systems cost an average of $7,000 but can be anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. 

The price range for an HVAC is similar to the price of stand-alone AC units, so many homeowners opt to upgrade their entire system to an HVAC when replacing an AC unit.