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AC Repair in Tempe, Arizona

As you know, when summer hits in Tempe, it gets HOT – it can be unbearable to live without a functioning air conditioner, even for a few days. It is important to have a reliable AC unit installed that can also stick with you throughout its life. Located near Tempe, Falcon Air Conditioning’s AC repair technicians can respond quickly to any required service on a broken air conditioner.


Residential and Commercial AC Services

Whether you are living or working in Tempe, Falcon Air provides full service, including installation, repair, and regular AC maintenance on everything from split systems, package units, mini-splits, chillers, and PTAC units. When your air conditioner breaks, you can rest assured Falcon Air will save the day for you and the people you work or live with.


Why Trust Falcon Air?

With over 25 years of loyal service in Tempe, Mesa, and throughout the Valley, Falcon Air’s team of air conditioning repair service providers can accurately assess and repair any issues with your AC unit. Value, Integrity, and Service are just a few qualities the greater Mesa area have come to expect and appreciate from our team at Falcon Air Conditioning.

Proudly Servicing Tempe’s Towns, Including:

North Tempe, Downtown Tempe, Tempe Gardens, Tempe Town Lake, Alegre Community, Kiwanis Park, Warner Estates, Baseline – Hardy and McClintock Manor


#GoFalconAir has proudly been servicing Tempe for over 25 years!

We believe in three core values:


Honesty and transparency in everything we do


We give you the absolute most for the money


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Looking for Heating or AC Repair or Installation in Mesa?

Falcon Air’s headquarters is based in Mesa, AZ, and we’re proud to offer full HVAC service to Tempe homeowners. From AC repair and tune-ups to new HVAC system installation, we’re the local, family-owned HVAC experts.

Customer Testimonials

Google Reviews

Brian PhillipsBrian Phillips
19:53 14 Nov 22
The Falcon Air Conditioning team did a great job evaluating our current aging AC system, presenting options for replacement and installing our new system. We chose one of the Trane variable speed heat pumps due to their reputation for building quality and dependable products. This new unit is very quiet and very efficient. We are already seeing cost savings due to it being a variable speed unit! We highly recommend Falcon Air Conditioning for all your AC needs!
Deanna ReedDeanna Reed
01:43 09 Nov 22
Falcon Air Conditioning was wonderful! Alex came out to give us an estimate for a new AC. He answered all of our questions and was very helpful in the decision making process. The installation of our new unit was quick and painless. The installers cleaned up after themselves thoroughly and walked me through how to use the new thermostat. I would recommend Falcon to everyone looking to have a new air conditioner installed!
Melissa DelgadoMelissa Delgado
20:55 22 Sep 22
Amazing experience start to finish! Falcon made an incredibly stressful time as easy as it could be. Everyone from office staff, finance staff to repairmen were informative, accommodating and above all, honest and knowledgeable about their work and service. I had to have a whole new unit installed and they made it happen quick! I have used them in the past for repairs and would recommend them time and time again! 👏👏👏
Jake DyeJake Dye
22:27 30 Aug 22
Falcon Air Conditioning was awesome. Alex came out to give me an estimate on a new unit and did a great job of displaying all of my options. He wasn’t pushy and was very honest on what the best possibilities were. Alex helped me decide on the best option for me at the time which was actually to wait on replacing my AC and to just fix a few parts. I had a rep come before him from another company and they tried to get me to buy a whole new unit. I would recommend Falcon Air Conditioning to all my friends. It’s nice to know that a small family owned company like them is going to take care of you unlike some of the bigger air conditioning companies out there trying to upsell you on everything. I will definitely be reaching out to Falcon again!!
Barbara CooksBarbara Cooks
18:36 30 Aug 22
Their staff and team were SO courteous and always professional. I highly recommend Falcon Air Conditioning to all of my neighbors and family member. They supported us from start to finish to our satisfaction. They have reached as well since then to make sure everything is working properly, and our home is cool once again!!! They are the best!!
Jane SepulvedaJane Sepulveda
19:44 08 Jun 22
Called at 6:30 in the morning. They called me back before 7:00. After hearing my problem,Jake was dispatched. Arrived on time. But more importantly, knew our system and check to see if the parts we needed week under warranty. They were not, but the A/C unit was working in no time at all. There are a lot of A/C repair companies, but Falcon Air will always be the company I rely on.
Paula VarnsPaula Varns
01:27 07 May 22
Awesome experience!! From beginning to end I was treated with respect and kindness. When selecting my new AC/Furnace I received detailed information about 6 different packages within my scope. All my questions were answered completely so I felt confident moving forward. I HIGHLY recommend Falcon AC.
Blanca Pacheco (Favie)Blanca Pacheco (Favie)
00:48 23 Mar 22
Alex was fantastic, great communication, fast installation. The guys were in and out. They cleaned up after themselves they were very cautious of my carpets walls etc. They were careful to not let my dogs out the gates. I highly recommend Falcon air.
Amber ShirkAmber Shirk
21:29 20 Mar 22
They were professional, reasonable and thorough. We are very impressed and grateful. Called with questions and concerns trying to work with our home warranty and multiple failed attempts with other hvac companies. Immediately they responded, came and checked, wrote up an quote and followed answering the questions our warranty company required. It was approved and they were out in less than a week to complete the work in one afternoon. Came in under other estimates and made the whole process more timely and easy than anyone else we tried to work with. Very impressive.
Jennifer NicholsJennifer Nichols
22:18 08 Mar 22
Falcon Air has been a breath of fresh air for me. Their maintenance plan was considerably more affordable than my last company and they don’t ever try and up sell me. They have even trouble shooters an issue over the phone to help me fix it. Kind and honest.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best heating and air conditioning units?
With a plethora of heating and air conditioning units available out there, it can be tricky to decide on the best one. You might want to look for the SEER rating of the model when making a decision. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient your heating and air conditioning unit will be. In other words, it’ll help you save a ton of money in the long term. Look for the Energy Star logo too. Other temperature-control features you want in your HVAC unit are smart thermostat and zoning.
What are heating ventilation and air conditioning?
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (or HVAC) systems provide heating and cooling to residential and commercial establishments. They help create a comfortable indoor environment by heating/cooling fresh outdoor air and pushing it indoors. The ventilation function allows the units to replace/exchange air within a space, while removing moisture, smoke, odor, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other gases. Users can control their indoor temperature and enable oxygen replenishment.
Is air conditioning repair an essential service?
Extreme heat and soaring temperatures are common in Arizona. Dust storms can occur three-to-four times in a year during the hottest months, forcing people to keep their windows shut. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, declared HVAC an essential service at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. During quarantine, everyone relied on their home heating and air conditioning units more than ever before, increasing the demand for heating and air conditioning repair.
How long does it take to install an HVAC system?
The time needed for HVAC installation depends on various factors. It may be difficult for a heating and air conditioning service provider to give you an exact timeframe without personally seeing where the unit will be installed. Some factors that’ll need to be considered are:

  • The size of the establishment
  • The type of installation
  • The unit’s type/model
  • The location of the installation
  • The establishment’s construction materials
  • The number of floors, windows, and doors in the establishment
What is a ductless mini-split system?
A ductless mini-split system is a compact unit that cools a small area of a home. It doesn’t need ductwork, and can be wall-mounted inside a room with a small unit placed outside. All you need to do is create a hole through the wall of the room to be cooled. The hole needs to be just large enough to pass a flexible tube, which delivers air and power to the indoor unit. Most heating and air conditioning companies, including Go Falcon Air, provide these easy-to-use and energy-efficient systems.